STS9 – Driving Alternative Energy

Sound Tribe Sector 9 is well known for their commitment to good causes (like HeadCount!) In addition to HeadCount and their efforts to help rebuild New Orleans STS9 has also contributed to the development of sustainable transportation by helping a small group of Florida students build and race a solar car.

For two years now, STS9 has been sponsoring the Solar Knights, high school students from South Plantation  High School,  in their efforts to dominate the world of solar vehicle races. Coached by keyboard player, David Phipps’s brother Allan Phipps the team entered their first race in 2008 and placed 3rd in the Dell-Winston solar challenge in Texas. However, 2009 brought a new and improved racecar and with it, a trophy for first place. In 2010 the Solar Knights entered a race from Boulder, Colorado to Fort Worth, Texas and came in second place. The team has also recently gained some attention on the interwebs: the team’s car was put on a list of “7 awesome solar powered vehicles." Keep up the good work Knights, and hopefully with the help of STS9 your 2011 bid will mark your triumphant return to the top.