Relix Alive and Kickin’

We're pleased to help spread the word that Relix magazine is entering a new era, as reported today on, the leading magazine industry news site.

When rumors started flying around a few months ago that Relix might cease publication, we couldn't really believe it. Emotionally, it didn't make sense. How could there be a live music scene without Relix? And logically, we knew that whatever the woes of print media may be, there is too much talent and passion under that masthead for a solution not to be found.

OK, we're a little biased here. These are like, our friends and family. Our very first supporters and our most loyal ones. They did a whole feature story on HeadCount. We always have a booth next to them at festivals. They help us run events. They donate ad space. They helped put HeadCount on the map.

But all that aside, we can say we truly believe that Relix is absolutely vital to our community and serves a very important function.

Therefore, we are delighted to share the news that HeadCount board member Peter Shapiro has taken over as publisher, and the magazine has been revitalized by new financing and a complete restructuring without missing an issue. 

The redesigned June issue features Phish on the cover. So Phish may have had to take a few years to get their act together. Relix didn't miss a beat.