Registering Voters at Red Rocks

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre is truly one of the most majestic and unique concert venues in the country.  Deemed as the venue where “there’s no better place to see the stars,” every night at this venue is a completely different and surreal experience for each and every concertgoer.  During the 2016 Red Rocks Summer Concert Season, HeadCount was lucky enough to establish a residency program at the venue.  While this year’s concert season included many artist’s in which HeadCount has already established a relationship with, we were also able to initiate new relationships with various artists like The Flaming Lips and Atmosphere.  Throughout this year, HeadCount has actively participated in more than 40, yes FORTY shows at Red Rocks alone.

One noticeable aspect of participating in so many shows at Red Rocks this year was witnessing those who had never visited this historic venue.  With our usual table location at the top pavilion of the Amphitheatre, it was such a thrill to see people’s reactions while strolling into their first Red Rocks experience.  Group photos with the two rock formations as a background were the biggest crowd-pleaser, and of course all of the HeadCount volunteers were ready and waiting to act as interim photographers.  


Overall, it has been a very successful and memorable Election year for both HeadCount and Colorado as a whole.  Colorado’s Secretary of State’s office, who oversees all Elections and Voting procedures, has established an all mail-in ballot system, as well as making it possible to both register to vote and cast your vote simultaneously on Election Day.  So a big thank you to Red Rocks for letting us set up shop and an even bigger thank you to Coloradans for being so awesome.