President Obama Wears Tie-Dye

Not really, but it would be cool if he did. 

It has been a busy 3 months at the White House, as explained on the blog, between instating and furthering initiatives on housing, the markets, the auto industry, small businesses, financial cooperation, and job recreation through the Recovery Act, not to mention a brand new Portugese Water Dog for the family. But with all this going on, President Obama still made time to meet with the surviving and touring Dead when they were in town for a show Monday night (No one was wearing tie-dye...).

The visit was a major tribute to President Obama, as he is identified as the reason The Grateful Dead reunited for their tour in 2008. Their discussion with the President was more history based than music, but that didn't stop the band from visiting some of their biggest fans in the office, senior advisors David Axelrod and Pete Rouse and deputy chief of staff Jim Messina.

To see where the Dead will are going next, go here. To follow the actions of President Obama and the trio (among others), this is more accurate.