Phish Fans on Dave Matthews Fans – and Vice Versa

jam-on-it-phish-and-dmb-fans-sound-off-about-each-other348652251 Riverfront Times writer Annie Zaleski's polling data are in. And it turns out that many more Dave Matthews Band fans are also Phish fans than vice versa. Zaleski's article, "Jam On It: Phish and DMB fans sound off — about each other," is accompanied by caricatures guaranteed to offend both camps equally.

Also, and not unexpectedly, a whole lot more DMB fans (42.6%, to be exact) felt their man did a swell job of preserving Phish's "musical traditions and legacy" during the popular Vermont foursome's five-year separation than did Phish fans (0.6%). Zaleski doesn't say exactly how many people responded to her informal online poll, but it pretty much confirms every prejudice you harbor about DMB (alcoholic preppy fratboys and sororigirls) and Phish (bongwater-drinking hippie poseurs) consumers.

Zaleski also says she received many pleasant and passionate personal responses from Phish fans, who extolled the community's loyalty, respect, and camaraderie. While on the other hand, "no DMB fans e-mailed me privately when I solicited their opinion about the band."