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Phish Doc ‘We Enjoy Yourself’ Screens

weenjoyyourself_photo2 Phish fans, traffic slavery, and mud unlimited (not necessarily in that order) are the themes of We Enjoy Yourself, Chris Pepino's sweet new documentary about Phish's not-so-final 2004 fandango in Coventry, Vermont. Pepino keeps his camera on the crowd as the band wraps up its summer tour in Camden (where Trey announced that traffic was already backing up outside Coventry due to days of rain) and heads up to Vermont's Northeast Kingdom. Pepino joins the thousands of others who spent, thirty, forty, and fifty hours stuck on the road, unable to get to the festival site. His crew gamely captures the final overland exodus that led to the mud, with music from those final two emotionally charged shows providing the soundtrack. Pepino chooses not to dwell on the sadness around the band's breakup, and instead wisely focuses on the fans without whom none of this would have been possible. "This is not gonna happen again," warns a dude on his way to his 104th show a few days before Coventry. "These people, they think they're having a good time, and they are, but this is not gonna happen again." He was wrong.

If you're in or around New Brunswick, New Jersey, this weekend, We Enjoy Yourself screens Friday and Saturday at New Jersey Film Festival taking place at Rutgers University. If not, enjoy yourself the trailer.