One Man’s Take on Silent Disco at Bisco

The Silent Disco represented. Building on a concept Bonnaroo made popular, Camp Bisco extended the idea to include two deejays playing at the same time. Some might call it a battle (easy to say battle in deejay land) but this was just raw talent playing along side each other, literally all night long. And oh boy do I mean talent!! These were world class deejays, some of whom came up just for their silent deejay set, like the unbelievable Eclectic Method and sick-ass Welder. Add in Future Rock and Emancipator and Orchard Lounge. Um. Wow. That was just Friday. Also, there were plenty of headphones and no wait most of the night. It wasn’t even that crowded. Brilliant.

Speaking of brilliant: the intellect, creativity, and receptivity of Bisco heads felt crisper than a double rainbow (fully extended). Walking around campsites spread across all 200 acres of Indian Lookout, conversations delved into the deepest realms of politics, science, philosophy, and of course music appreciation. Approaching tent villages, little by little through trades and kick-downs, the most awesome keepsakes began to accumulate in my bag: a coloring book, original art, original music, glass, stickers galore, and the best—a pair of Camp Bisco headie socks.

Who could ask for anything more?? Great job, Camp Bisco . . .