No Pornography at Calvin College, even the New kind

Calvin College, a Christian school in Michigan has canceled an upcoming New Pornographers concert on October 15. The school issued this press release stating "The band's name, to some, is mistakenly associated with pornography. Consequently, Calvin, to some, was mistakenly associated with pornography." Maybe it was the album cover for Mass Romantic...

However, the school does acknowledge that neither they, nor the New Pornos endorse pornography. Apparently it just got too hard to explain they are an indie-rock band from Canada and not him.

Interestingly, on the school's website they list every artist that has played there since 1993. The list includes several suspect names including Cowboy Junkies (I guess drugs are okay if you ride a horse), Bruce Cockburn (clear STD enthusiast) and The Barenaked Ladies (pornographic? I think so).

Several people clearly weren't happy about it and commented on where the story broke. My favorite being:

I hear that "The New Ignore Science And Insist That Some Mythical Entity Created The World" is available... Might work better..."

Looks like Calvin has a slot open for a gig. Maybe Gwar is available, are they okay with cocaine addicted murdering aliens?