Listening to New Orleans

Overcoming serious obstacles, New Orleans remains a city rich with culture and personality. Now with the help of an one of a kind interactive sound map, any one in the world can get a taste of NOLA's spirit, while bypassing the humidity.

Until your budget permits for a trip to Louisiana, enjoy the scene through Open Sound New Orleans. Users can simulate a stroll on Canal Street by clicking on the map which includes many aspects of the vibrant 'soundscape' like street jazz and random background noise. This website, created by a non-profit organization of the same name, manages to capture the authentic feeling of "The Big Easy" with ease.

Open Sound New Orleans seeks to celebrate and unite the city. On their website they state:

Our intent is to make more accessible the authentic, unedited sounds and voices of New Orleans. Sharing the sounds of our city as we hear them, move through them, and create them, is an act of celebration. But it also serves each contributor – you and me and anyone else who might participate – as a simple way to extend our own experience to others, harness our representations and those of our city, and participate in New Orleans' public culture with intentionality.