Lefty Supreme Court Official May Say “Adios”

Though officially unconfirmed, it seems likely that Supreme Court Justice David H. Souter will retire at the end of June. This provides the first opening on the Supreme Court for President Obama to fill. Though appointed by former President Bush, a moderate Souter moved further and further left as his term continued. There is talk of Obama appointing a liberal woman as Souter's replacement, as the only woman on the bench right now is 76 year old Ruth Bader Ginsurg.

A liberal appointee would not change the general make up of the court, though Souter was known for recognizing and strongly considering the opinion of opposing views. As reported by wtopnews.com, "Obama's own record and rhetoric make clear that he will seek left-wing judicial activists who will indulge their passions, not justices who will make their rulings with dispassion."

Reports say Souter has never been shy about his hatred for Washington, citing his current situation as, "The best job in the worst city," and is finally acting on it. The President is waiting for an official confirmation before commenting.