Jon Bon Jovi’s Soul Foundation

New Jersey's second favorite arena rocker puts his money where his home is by investing millions of dollars in environmentally friendly LEED-certified affordable housing. The Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation's projects include the Genesis apartments in Newark, New Jersey, a quarter of which are reserved for persons who've tested HIV positive. Bon Jovi visits the 'hood in this recent "NBC Nightly News" segment, which also contains footage of Soul Foundation projects in Philadelphia and Camden, New Jersey.

Bon Jovi's foundation originated as the Philadelphia Soul Charitable Foundation, established in conjunction with the Philadelphia Soul Arena Football League, which JBJ partially owned. The league and foundation were a successful attempt to link sports and social service into a single unique package with a soulful heritage.

While other sports franchises might have adopted a moniker that conveyed the aggressive traits of an animal or warrior, this team opted for the name SOUL. While admittedly a nod to the "Philly Soul" musical style, the decision to name the franchise the Philadelphia Soul was rooted in a much deeper meaning. In the words of co-owner Jon Bon Jovi, "good players play with their head, great players play with their hearts but extraordinary players play with soul." Everyone believes they have soul.

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