Jeff Waful Talks Lights With Phish’s Chris Kuroda

You know them; they light up your life. Jeff Waful, who first interviewed Phish's Chris Kuroda for eleven years ago, now produces great lights for Umphrey's McGee (following a long stint with moe.). So who better to check in with Kuroda on the state of the strobe? There's a lot more where this came from:

JW: You talked about not thinking. Have you been able to pinpoint what causes a really amazing night as far as you and the band members and the synergy or is it just completely random?

CK: It’s completely random. I honestly think it has a lot to do with personal headspace. I think when it’s fun, it clicks. When you’re forcing it, it doesn’t click. I honestly believe, very thoroughly in taking your mind out of the equation and just acting on instinct. It seems to work a lot better for me. When I think too much, my timing gets all weird because I’m like, ‘Should I hit it now? Should I wait? When should I hit the button?’ Instead of just boogying down and hitting the button naturally, you’re hand just does it. When I do that, it all jives, it’s all right on. When I stop and think too much, it sucks.