Jack Black: Spreading Lies in “The Mis-Informant!”

True to form, comedian, actor and musician Jack Black's latest video shorts are pretty effing hilarious.

In a pair of videos produced by a liberal organization called "Health Care for America Now!" and co-starring America Ferrera, Black masquerades as an unconvincing grade-schooler to agitate from the inside.

The clips spoof 2009's "The Informant!" The film was based on a true story in which a likable but ultimately mentally unstable main character works with the FBI to expose corrupt price-fixing, while (SPOILER ALERT) simultaneously embezzling millions of dollars.

Matt Damon, star or "The Informant!" is also busy making videos for progressives this election season, appearing in a piece for New York State's Working Families Party. A die-hard Red Sox fan, Damon sweetened the pot by offering to wear a Yankees cap in public if 200,000 New Yorkers vote the Working Families Party ticket.