iPhone Newest Addition to Orchestra

I think most of us have heard of the Lap Top Orchestra at this point (if you haven't you MUST check it out). Well, Ge Wang, particpant in our favorite Geek Orchestra, is now the conductor of something even more tech savvy and musically mobile: Mobile Phone Orchestra (MoPhO for short). WATCH THIS

Using the iPhone and an application created by Wang where a user can change the timbre or pitch of a note by turning and shaking the phone, MoPhO can play "Stairway to Heaven," many other pop songs and chamber music (for those music purests). The Orchestra is presently working to increase their repetoire.

This is like a mobile version of Wii music mixed with Mac and extreme computer gamers (their equipment and expressions mean serious business). I also keep imagining a little etch-a-sketch action whenever they mention the shaking. Whatever it is, it is cool.