Interview: Vans Warped Tour Rep Katarina Cody

Katarina Cody is on the Vans Warped Tour this summer as HeadCount’s Touring Team Representative. This is her first tour with HeadCount, and she’s having a blast on the road encouraging young people to get involved in the political process! To volunteer with Kat at Warped Tour head here.

HeadCount: Tell us a little about yourself and the tour you are on.

Katarina: I am currently on the Vans Warped Tour. It’s described as a punk-rock, alternative metal summer camp, I guess. So there are two Journeys main stages, there’s two Monster Energy party zone stages, which is kind of like metal and hardcore stages. And then there are a Cyclops and Poseidon stage, which are kind of like the misfit stages. Then there’s one Full Sail stage. So that’s kinda that!

What has this tour been like?

Definitely hectic! I mean, a very enjoyable tour so far, but I don’t know, it’s just been a fun time and I can’t really complain. In the end it pays off.

Why did you sign up for this? What motivates you?

I guess first was definitely the passion for the music, and then just a passion to help make the world a little better place. I think the first step to doing that is fixing what’s up with the government, and the easiest way to overthrow the government is by voting! So, I guess that’s my basic concept.

How would you describe the vibe of Warped tour? What are people saying when you ask them to register? Is it an environment that’s welcoming to the kind of inspiration you’re coming from, or are you kind of fighting against something?

I mean people are very frustrated to say the least; they feel as though their voice doesn’t matter. They feel like their vote won’t count, and they’re like, “I don’t care, just let someone else deal with it.” I’m trying to break that mentality, and encourage people to vote on their own, which I think is working a little, you know?

I've heard that a lot of people attending Warped Tour are younger than 18; has that been a challenge for you too? How do you deal with that when you encounter that?

I guess it’s somewhat of a challenge. I’ve looked at it more as a way to encourage the younger generation when they’re able to vote, to vote. I always make people, whenever anyone’s like “oh yeah I’m too young!”, I always make them pinky promise. And I literally take their pinky and I pinky promise them, I’m like, “you know bad things happen when you break pinky promises!”. That’s kind of my little way.

What do you plan to do after the tour is over? What are your aspirations?

Well, I have another year left of school, so I’m definitely going to finish that, and then after that I don’t really know! I’m just gonna kind of wing it, I’d love to do some more touring. I definitely love the music industry, so I want to stick with that, but I’m pretty much open to anything. I feel like having a set plan kind of holds you back to opportunities, so I’m just kind of winging it and hoping for the best.

What is your favorite memory of Warped tour so far?

So far… there was this lady that came up to our booth, her name is Mary. She’s like seventy or something, and she was getting a little too hot from the heat. And I was like “Hey Mary, are you registered to vote?” and she was like “No!” and I helped her register, and then I let her sit down in my chair and gave her some water, and I was talking to her and I was like, “Hey Mary, why are you out here? Are you like with your kids or anything?”. She’s like “Oh sweetie, I brought kids but I’m not here for the kids, I’m here for myself. I’m here to socialize.” And I was like “Oh well Mary who are you stoked to see?” And she was like “I can’t wait to see Vanna!” And so like, Vanna’s like a hard-core band and mosh pits and stuff, and she was in the signing line but she got too hot. And I was like “Mary, I will save your spot, and I will take you up to meet Vanna!” So I took her up to meet Vanna and it was just kind of a cool little thing I was able to do. I hope I’m that cool when I’m 70!

What do you hope to accomplish by representing HeadCount on Warped Tour.

I mean obviously, voter registration numbers, numbers are always a great thing, but my real goal is to create a movement of empowered youth. I feel as though I do have the power to change what maybe my parents voted for or how the government’s structured. So yeah, youth empowerment is probably my main goal.