Interview: #GoVote Artist Tripp Shealy

Artist Tripp Shealy is an accomplished silkscreen printer, huge music fan, and contributor to HeadCount's #GoVote campaign. We talked to him about his relationship with math as an artist, his favorite music (from jambands to EDM to jazz), and his belief in the importance of motivating people to take political action through voting.

HeadCount: Please tell us a little about yourself and your work.

Shealy: I am a self taught screen printer of 15 years, artist, entrepreneur, and father to two children, Hawke, 4, and Harland, 2, and we are expecting our third any day now!

You mention on your website that you spent high school math class doodling designs on your notebook. But your style seems to have a lot of math infused in it. Were you half paying attention and actually expressing what you were learning visually?

I have a love/hate relationship with math! I really did love geometry. I think it was the last math class I passed. I have trouble accepting things that can't be proven.

10458020_10152467468890791_277416363819332115_nMusic has clearly been a primary inspiration for your art. How to do the two intertwine in your mind?

I like to create my art in a similar method to how some of my favorite bands create their music, through artistic improvisation! In addition I also like to allow the viewer to interpret the art in a way that speaks to them.

What music are you listening to most these days?

I listen to a huge variety of music! Grateful Dead, reggae, new wave, early hip hop, anything on PL music, The Disco Biscuits, cutting edge jamtronica, trace, Goa, various EDM, traditional jazz, the list goes on really. Almost everything. Not really country, but I love traditional bluegrass!

Can you tell us a little about your #GoVote artwork?

I tried to keep it clean and simple to the point! Hopefully lack of clutter will help get the point across!

Why did you get behind HeadCount and this initiative?

I definitely believe in the power of voting and making a change for a better future for ourselves and our children. I think a lot of people have the right idea but don't realize we have to take action to make things happen!

Your website has every conceivable kind of product. Hats. Glassware. Pins. Stickers. Any other product lines you have up your sleeve?

Lots of new items coming all the time! We have recently started making disc golf discs, and we have plans to start producing some new clothing and bedding and other housewares this fall.