I need a freakin job.

President Obama took the stage on his Main Street Economic Tour in Buffalo, New York and noticed that all eyes weren't affixed on him. A sign reading "Dear Mr. President, I need a freakin job. Period." was displayed in front of him, slightly upstaging the leader of the free world. The sign - and similar billboards that have been springing up around the region - was more than just one man's message. It stemmed from a movement of suffering families and youth who... want freakin' jobs. The college enrollment rate has reached a record high yet young people are disproportionately left unemployed. Though I personally don't need a freakin job, dozens of my fellow graduates do. The grassroots organization INAFJ (I Need A Freakin Job) is selling tshirts, circulating petitions, and just getting people generally riled up about wanting work. They landed over 8,000 Facebook friends in just three days, and now caught the eye of the president. The statement video (below) won't win any awards, but attempts to channel frustration into a movement.