Huckabee is Right

This war has entrenched us in a major, major debt. (And its growing right this second) And, let's not forget, we'll all be recieving those nice "bribe" checks from our lame-duck President for $600 each (more if you're married, more if you have kids, and half as much if you just don't work). I'll be taking my money with a spoonful of sugar--it helps the medicine go down. And this is a hard pill to swallow for me. I know that in some way or another, we are all going to be forced to pay that back when the democrats take office and subsequently take on this debt. (Thanks, old white men, for putting your grandchildren in soo soo much debt!) But I think Huckabee is right. Okay, he's quirky--maybe even strange--but he plays the guitar and had a tax plan which any demoocrat is smart to keep silenced right now, but may want to consider once they are elected into office. The Consumer Tax!

The consumer tax is just what our country needs. For anyone who may not know, the consumer tax means that you keep your paycheck and then when you go shopping for things, you pay tax there. Under this premise, those who make the most, (and most importantly, consume the most), pay the most. Those who live more meagerly, or those without a lot of money to spend, therefore get to keep more of their money. This also cuts out the money that government loses as a result of the blackmarket (drugdealers, prostitutes, gambling) and totally disintegrates the much-hated IRS. We could get people paying taxes in a fair way, and  this plan could do more to pay down the debt than what we (the government) have coming in from taxes now. I believe that this system could save our country from this enormous debt, as well as help to distribute burden more evenly.

From each, according to their means; To each, according to their needs.