Got Ice?

Somebody handed you a Smirnoff Ice lately? Did you get down on one knee and drink it? Refuse? Pull out your own Smirnoff Ice and reverse Ice them? If it was the latter, I'm pretty impressed.

What started as a small joke in South Carolina, or California or by undercover Smirnoff reps has turned into a national phenomenon. First there was the now defunct blog Bros Icing Bros and now there's You Got Iced!

Basically, if somebody hands you a Smirnoff Ice you have to get down on one knee and chug it. If you refuse, you can't Ice anybody else and you're a loser. If you have your own Smirnoff Ice on your body, you can deny the Icer and send them down to one knee - with both bottles.

This has become particularly popular in the music industry. Bartenders were icing Musicians and Industry folk at the backstage bar at Bonnaroo and offices all over NYC and LA have been getting Ice'd in mass form.

So look out, and you should probably carry your own Smirnoff Ice on you for protection, because that shit tastes terrible.