Giving Away Brendon Urie’s Guitar On Panic! At The Disco Tour

In 2018 Panic! At The Disco was our one of our biggest tours of the year when it came to voter registrations. Building off of that, we couldn't be more excited to kick-off 2019 on the road with Panic! At The Disco, registering voters, signing fans up for election alerts, and giving away Brendon Urie's golden guitar from the Say Amen music video!

How can you enter to win this guitar? You can text 'VOTER PATD' to 40649 from there you'll be prompted to sign up for TurboVote, get alerts for all your local elections.

Learn more about the giveaway here.

Want to do more? Want to get involved? Please volunteer with us! Head here to see the upcoming Panic! At The Disco shows we'll be at. When you volunteer you will help fellow concertgoers register to vote, and you'll get to see the show for free.

HeadCount goes to concerts, music festivals and cultural events across the country, and we'd love to welcome you to our family as a volunteer. Sign up here to volunteer at shows in your area.