Georgia Theatre Rehabilitation Fund Seeks Donations

The Athens Theatre, host to countless shows by HeadCount-affiliated artists, burned down on June 19. Now the theater's owners have partnered with the Georgia Trust to establish a fund dedicated to restoring the historic theater. Tax-deductible donations to the Georgia Theatre Rehabilitation Fund may be made to the Georgia Trust.

Wilmot Green, the theater's owner, runs down what's at stake and what he needs to bring it back.

Unfortunately, insurance on the building covered replacement costs — which would mean replacing a building to 1930s code. To rebuild to current
building codes will cost much more — about $3 million total.

Despite the costs, we are working to rebuild the Theatre, because we can’t
imagine Athens without it. Anyone who has passed through in the last century
— like the more than 10,000 musical acts that have played its stage — has a
fond memory of the Georgia Theatre.

Clean up efforts are underway to remove the debris. Steel support beams are
now bracing the exterior walls. Restoration is about to begin.