Fiasco of a Protest

Lupe Fiasco fans announced earlier this week that they would rally outside Atlantic Records' New York headquarters October 15 in an effort to speed the release of the rapper's much anticipated third album, Lasers. Fiasco Friday, the website coordinating the effort, has posted this statement:

"Musical expression, especially conscious music, is imperative to a truly free society. There's a fraction of people who don't want Lupe to put out music because the controversial things discussed in his music exposes the truth for what it is. In a world and time where everyone plays it safe, Lupe Fiasco is a shining light that challenges the system, dismantles the status-quo, and spreads peace and love."

The website says that Fiasco will be attending the protest,  in a recent interview Fiasco said "I’m already past it. I’m not sitting around, 'Oh man, I want Lasers. Why don’t they put out my songs?' Crying. For what? You go in and put out another record. And that’s what I did." As of yet there is no expected release date for Food and Liquor II, the album Fiasco has been working on the meantime, either.

Lasers is an acronym for "Love Always Shines Everytime Remember 2 Smile."

Lupe also stopped by the United Nations yesterday to discuss his Pakistan NOW initiative and how musicians are using social media for social good. A brief writeup and a full video of the panel discussion can be viewed here.