Disco Biscuits Nughuffin’ In ‘High Times’ Mag

As the marijuana legalization debate heats up, the Disco Biscuits roll in for an interview and photo shoot in the December issue of High Times magazine. High Times is no stranger to musicians who favor legalizing the ganja. Last month's issue featured an interview with Kid Cudi (who played at Camp Bisco this summer), while Jason Mraz and Tenacious D have also graced the cover.

The organization I work for, Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP), launched its AMPLIFY project this semester. The project links college SSDP chapters with musicians who support drug policy reform. The chapters act as street teams to promote shows; the bands support the cause by allowing chapters to do outreach at their shows and by promoting action alerts on their social networking sites. Nearly every band that's part of the project has played at Camp Bisco!