Client 9 loves long time

I stay away from the ethical or moral argument as much as possible.  I’m not secure enough in my own ethics to possibly pass judgment upon another’s moral choice.  I find it even more disturbing that throughout the United States history the “moral police” have been implementing morality though law or brutish tactics with an unfounded sense of righteousness.  I won’t go into detail on that, but hey, we burned witches?   

What is even more disturbing is the consistent hypocrisy that almost always goes hand in hand with those who speak out in the name of morality.  It wasn’t surprising that the politician arrested for soliciting sex in an airport men’s room had previously spoken out against gay rights.  Just as I wasn’t the least bit surprised today to find out that Elliot Spitzer, the Governor of New York, who promised to bring credibility back to Albany, and has sent everyone to jail from Wall Street Bankers to low-level drug dealers, was linked to an upscale prostitution ring today.  Again, I don’t judge the guy for hiring a prostitute.  He broke the law, and he should face legal repercussions just like any citizen would, but where he stands on an ethical scale means nothing to me.  What pisses me off is that when Spitzer was attorney general he prosecuted more than two prostitution rings similar to the one he so frequently enjoyed.  After arresting sixteen people he spoke out against the rings with disgust.

After thinking about this a little more I realized how crazy it is that I am no longer surprised by hypocritical politicians who are caught in the same scandals they simultaneously fight against in the name of morality.  I have become desensitized to political scandals.  If Al and Tipper gore were closet S&M fans I would say, told you so!  If GW was secretly learning to read I would say, wait what?   Does anyone else feel this way? 

I’m now going to allow my youthful righteousness to come out a bit.  I am of the opinion that young people have a distinct advantage over their elders in being able to see through bullshit.  Ask any teacher and they will tell you that if you’re full of it, the kids will see right through you.  It’s got to be more than a coincidence that young people have not voted in high numbers in the past 30 years and somehow our government is full of hypocritical, judgmental, and downright dirty old men.  So this year, take a good look around at all the politicians you plan on voting for, trust your judgment, and if they seem full of shit, they probably are.  

Also, I am stating here and now that from here on out anytime a politician is outted in a scandal he or she should be referred to as a "client 9" in honor of our wonderful governor Spitzy.  Lets coin the phrase people.