Bob Weir Twitters From DC

16161105 By Richard Gehr

Mr. Weir went to Washington yesterday, as you can see from this handsome photo he twittered. Standing between Bob and Mickey Hart is of course Minnesota's brand new junior senator – and longtime Deadhead – Al Franken. He also stopped by the White House for a meeting and meal with presidential aide Peter Rouse (also a Deadhead), and then headed over to the office of Senator Barbara Boxer. Mickey Hart got some time with Boxer on his own.

Bob and Mickey have played fundraisers this year for both Franken and Boxer, and have become DC regulars. This is their third trip to the Washington in 2009, with each visit market by meetings with important policy makers.

Weir's tweets offer no commentary, just photos. But his pictures - including one of the White House and another of the presidential seal - speak loud and proud.