Andy Warhol’s Crazy Closet

andy-warhol-jacky-kennedy-onasis-1964Who else beside Andy Warhol would have an autographed photo of a naked Jacqueline Onassis stuffed in a carboard box for decades?  Warhol was apparently the ultimate pack rat, and the Andy Warhol Foundation is coughing up $600,000 for archivists to make sense of his collection.

Warhol was never one to throw things away. In fact, when he died in 1987 at 58, his four-story Manhattan townhouse was packed with stuff: shopping bags filled with antiques, clothes, books and other artifacts from his daily expeditions, boxes, piles of furniture and even a drawer of gems worth $1 million.

[Other items found] included a mummified human foot belonging to an ancient Egyptian; a Ramones' 45 record signed by the punk rock band's lead singer Joey Ramone, [and] orange nutbread.

It must be really cool to be the guys/gals sifting through all that amazing crap.