Afghan Singer Urges Youth to Vote

For the past week or so, National Public Radio has been covering the upcoming election in Afghanistan.  The station sent Morning Edition co-host Renee Montagne to the country to do in depth coverage of the election, from interviewing candidates to discusssing the security situation with top U.S. Military officicals.

Yesterday morning, the station aired a great story  about an Afghani singer.  Farhad Darya is using his current concert series as a tool to urge young Afghani citizens to vote. 

Darya isn't using the concerts to promote a particular candidate, rather he hopes to simply get out the vote in the war-torn country.  I particularly enjoyed this quote from one of the young concert atendees, Owl Meer.

"The population of Afghanistan is 68 percent young generation," he says. "Why we should be afraid of insecurity and war? Why shouldn't we get together? We should all work for stability and peace in Afghanistan. That's why we are here."

The success of democracy in Afhanistan, or in any country for that matter, is completely contingent upon those who are governed by it.  Sixty-eight percent is a powerful majority, one that could potentially carry the wave of democracy to future generations. 

It brings me hope that some of the methods Headcount have used to great success to empower and educate a younger generation are being replicated in a fledgling democracy like that of Afghanistan.  It also makes me think how ahead of the curve they are.  Afghanistan ratified the constitution which established their democratic government a mere six years ago. 

When first hearing the story, I couldn't help but imagine some sort of Headcount Musician Amabssador Tour.  Perhaps Bob Weir & Ratdog could open some shows for Farhad Darya in Afghanistan, and Darya could exchange the favor here in the states.  What would Afghanis think of jam bands?  If all goes well, we could throw a festival.  All Points Middle East,  anyone?