A Visit To Planet Paprika

"Some say that I come from Russia, some think that I come from Africa. But I'm so exotic, I'm so erotic, 'cause I come from the Planet Paprika."

I'm not quite sure why I love this track as much as I do. Turned on to Shantel thanks to Richard Goldstein's smart take on the French pop scene, which blends sounds from all over the world in a way American pop music still resists, I was immediately seduced by Romanian artist Shantel's blithe disregard for cultural boundaries. No matter what country he's in, Shantel's still an alien; but he's not going to let that stop him from having a great time.

"Planet Paprika" is a terrific tune – and Shantel's world still appears to be comin' right atcha even when the video's over! Which may be the point.