A Fourth Of July Message From Ted Nugent

images-12 Don't tread on Ted, Fedzilla. Ultraconservative semi-retired rock guitarist, bowhunter, gun nut, and hippie hater Ted Nugent flexes his disdain for big gubmint in this rant condemning bailouts, public health care, and anything else trampling the rights of rugged individualists everywhere.

As the stunned and defeated British army marched out of Yorktown, their band appropriately played the song "A World Turned Upside Down."

Our forefathers pledged their lives and fortunes to fight and defeat the world's mightiest army and give birth to America. Our victory over King George was the greatest military upset in the annals of human history. George Washington believed our amazing victory was a result of divine providence.

The dream of limited government, personal freedom and liberty, rugged individualism, and self-sufficiency that our forefathers fought and died for is rapidly disappearing in 2009. It is once again a world turned upside down.

Our federal government is turning into the very type of heavy-handed, unaccountable, and disrespectful government our forefathers despised, fought against, and warned us to avoid. Too few Americans know and appreciate this critically important piece of American history. Shame on them.

Instead of heeding the warnings of our forefathers, we have embraced big government and both political parties have been more than happy to give it to us over the past 45 years, thereby making us more dependent on Fedzilla--the federal beast with a voracious appetite for our tax dollars, and intentionally creating dependency and control. We are once again becoming subjects, not citizens.

Fedzilla is the most unresponsive, unaccountable, bloated and ineffective bureaucratic nightmare the world has ever witnessed. It punishes the producers and risk-takers while rewarding the simpletons it has conned into believing it is helping. Fedzilla is the enemy of the free market and freedom.

Instead of allowing the free market to correct itself, Fedzilla meddles in the free market and makes things worse. I give you Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Using our tax dollars, Fedzilla has purchased General Motors, and bailed out AIG and other financial institutions.

Fedzilla pushed through an unauthorized trillion-dollar economic stimulus bill that not one elected representative read before voting on it. Regardless what legal nuance or loophole some Fedzillacrat lawyer could point to in our constitution or court decision that allows for such grotesque meddling and spending, I adamantly believe this level of federal meddling and control was not the dream of our forefathers.

And guess what? It’s not working. Our economy would recover more and faster if Congress repealed the phony “stimulus” and get out of the way of free market capitalism.

In the latest of initiatives that "we must solve immediately," President Obama wants to Fedzillarize the health-care industry. Placing your health and trust in the bureaucratic hands of Fedzilla is analogous to asking a drunk driver for a ride. Fedzilla will destroy your health. It creates cancer, does not cure it.

We are witnessing what large government will do to its citizens and to itself if left virtually unchecked. Due to unsustainable and out-of-control "budgets", the state of California is on verge of a financial meltdown. Other states such as New York are not far behind. Fedzilla will ultimately collapse under its own weight because the socialism model it is built upon is ultimately unsustainable. However, the social, economic, and cultural carnage it will cause to America until it collapses will be catastrophic. Free men and women are horrified.

Higher taxes and more government ultimately lead to economic genocide. Alternatively, lower taxes, less government, and more independence lead to prosperity for all who are willing to take advantage of it. Our forefathers who threw the tea over the side of the ship in Boston Harbor knew this. The people who attended the Tea Parties this past April know it. Do you?

Sometime during your Dependence Day celebration, you should take a few moments and read the Declaration of Independence aloud to your children, relatives and guests. Read it slowly and let the words sink in. When finished, reflect for a moment on our forefathers who bravely signed their names to it, thereby signing their own death warrant.

Think about that. They were willing to die for the chance at limited federal government, independence, freedom and liberty. They didn't fight and die for freedom so you could have Fedzilla housing, food, transportation and health care.

To my fellow Americans who still cherish the dream of our founding fathers, I wish you a wonderful and Happy Independence Day. To those of you who are willing to compromise your liberty and freedom in the hopes that Fedzilla will provide you an artificial blanket of security, enjoy your Dependence Day.

I'm a free man--a citizen, not a subject--who still hears the distant ringing of the Liberty Bell. Don't tread on me and I won't be forced to Ted on you. Be forewarned: push me too far at your own peril.