Vanessa Chouman

Vanessa is a born and raised Massachusetts native, currently living in Boston. She studied Theatre Arts at Salem State University where she received her BFA in 2013. Shortly after college, her passion for music took hold and she has now been to more concerts than she can name. At one point she decided to make concert life her profession, and now works at House of Blues: Boston. She was inspired to volunteer for HeadCount by one of her favorite bands Panic! at the Disco this year, 2019, and the rest is history. She wanted to be just like Mr. Urie and inspire others in an organization that would make a difference.
When Vanessa isn’t working a concert, she’s busy attending a concert, probably her favorite band, Twenty One Pilot. She’s such a huge fan she’s seen them almost 21 times, in over 7 states, is on their street team, has met them twice, and has had the honor of them using her artwork on their Emotional Roadshow Tour in 2017. Stay Alive.