Tommy Danscuk

Tommy Danscuk is from Freehold, NJ, and has been seeing and involved with live music for a long time. Over the years working at the Gathering of the Vibes, backstage in accounting, he had a good view of the many non-profits involved at the festival. With the untimely demise of the Vibes, he was looking for something to get involved with and always had a peripheral view of the good work HeadCount was doing. After volunteering for a couple of local shows in 2016, he made a leap into a 5 show run of Phish, which reignited a love with the band after close to a 14-year hiatus. That run rolled into many more days and nights of canvassing and meeting awesome new friends through HeadCount.

Tommy's life balances out nicely with a combination of lots of live music, Mets baseball, tailgating at Giants games, JazzFest, working on Jam Cruise, and most important being a dad.

Volunteer with Tommy in Central NJ
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