Selam Gashaw - HeadCount

Selam was born and raised in Aurora, CO. She moved to NYC in 2015 to study at NYU. She created a major called Peacemaking: Identity Development’s Role in Conflict and Resolution. She has been invested in finding avenues to bring true change to the communities she has been a part of and has come to love. Selam started a non-profit in high school and has taken many different turns in her organizing career since. Selam encountered HeadCount while looking for organizations to support a “How to Be a Political Activist” training she was putting together. She is 22 years old, plays piano, loves Frank Ocean deeply, grew up in church and wanted to be President of the US when she was a kid.

Selam is looking forward to helping ensure that HeadCount looks like the communities we are in and is accessible for all people. Selam didn’t go to a ‘real’ concert until she was 19 years old but always had a passion for engaging politics and the intersections of that and art. Electoral engagement is an entry path for a lot of young people coming into the political world. Selam is excited to provide a stepping stone to propel young people into a lifetime of political and community engagement.