Rebecca Perla

Rebecca is a junior studying journalism and art history at The University of Wisconsin-Madison. Born and raised in New York City, she loves the Manhattan hustle and bustle and picking up conversations with strangers on the one train. Rebecca has been obsessed with live music and music journalism ever since her first concert, Hannah Montana: Best of Both Worlds. She wrote a thorough, detailed concert review and sent it to Ms. Montana (Miley Cyrus) herself. When Rebecca is not jamming out to Phony Ppl or Fleetwood Mac, you can find her busting a move on the dance floor, sneaking into a foreign film screening, or strolling through The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s West African wing. HeadCount is the perfect place for Rebecca because it feeds her unswerving passion for music and itch for politics in a creative and impactful manner. She is uber-stoked to work with HeadCount and hopes to expand its roster of artist partners while encouraging more young people to explore what is happening in the world and actively participate in democracy.