Racheal Griffin-Jackson

Racheal joined HeadCount in 2012 as the Athens Team Leader after volunteering at an Andrew Bird show in Atlanta. She knew she was hooked after seeing the excitement and pride of the first young voter she registered that night. A huge Pearl Jam, Disco Biscuits, and Georgia Football fan, Racheal’s day job is teaching American Government and World History at a local high school. She strives to teach her students as well as her own children, Griffin and Jessica, about the responsibility of citizens to research and understand important issues for themselves. She is passionate about her music and passionate about her democracy. Racheal is inspired by one of her musical faves, Eddie Vedder, who told a sea of 80,000 people at Bonnaroo in 2008 that “music or a song cannot change the world” but “you all, this many people can.” She hopes to empower fellow music-lovers to use the voices they have in our democracy – their vote, to create a more peaceful and tolerant world for us all.

Volunteer in Athens
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