Pia Sabina Valeriana

Pia has been involved in the Colorado music scene for many years. A mainstay at numerous local venues and festivals, she has worked hundreds of shows including almost every concert at Denver's Fillmore Auditorium from 1999 to 2004. She first came to HeadCount in late 2010, making her debut gig on Valentine's Day the following year, where she earnestly embraced the organization's ethos.
An ardent believer in civic responsibility and passionate that the democratic system function well, she is a committed and enthusiastic activist encouraging concert-goer registration. When not working concerts, she can often be found blogging or shooting shows as a veteran music reviewer for festivalpreview.com, or holding down the rail at a moe. or Phish show. Pia is a graphic designer by trade, a sidekick alto chorister by night, a devoted advocate for alternative transportation, and studying to be a tai chi master in the meantime.