Molly Garyantes

Molly began volunteering with HeadCount in 2016 and soon realized it's full of some of the kindest humans she’s ever met!  She continued volunteering sporadically while figuring out her life, working shows in NYC, D.C., Detroit, San Francisco & lots of places in between.  She eventually ~kind of~ settled and is now Team Leading shows in D.C. (with some Philly and NYC mixed in).  Her favorite music is whatever you'd call the genre when you search “rock climbing” on Spotify, but her favorite band will always be Panic! at the Disco. Molly aspires to one day not live in a house nor own a car (take from that what you will).  If lost, find her researching her next National Park trip, screaming-along to musicals, or canvassing a door near you!

[email protected]