Kevin Medansky

Hailing from the northern suburbs of Chicago, Kevin Medansky started volunteering with HeadCount in the summer of 2016, after meeting HeadCount while Gregory Alan Isakov performed with the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra. He quickly became a Philly Team Leader because the amazing concerts and the life-changing opportunities to help people from all over the country register to vote are just too great to pass up. Kevin has played trombone for nearly 15 years and was, at one point, the best contrabassoonist in the state of Illinois—at least at the high school level. Now, he is a senior at Haverford College, with a major in French and Francophone Studies, a minor at Swarthmore College in Film and Media Studies, and a concentration in Peace, Justice, and Human Rights.

Kevin Medansky remembers with great nostalgia all the long family road trips to the Wisconsin Dells, listening to the Blues Brothers soundtrack on repeat. His greatest musical memory, however, was probably talking to the lead singer of Busty and the Bass entirely in French. Kevin’s grandmother says to watch out: This kid’s going places.