Kenneth Rotter - HeadCount

Since moving to California four years ago, Kenny Rotter has made it a mission to see as many shows, conventions, and historic venues in the LA area as possible. By far his favorite venue is the very intimate Troubadour, where he has seen some of his favorite artists, including New Found Glory, Ben Harper, Joshua Radin, and Rivers Cuomo. Kenny’s first experience with Headcount was Rupaul’s DragCon. He enjoyed his experience so much, he went back the next day to volunteer again.

Kenny believes democracy demands advanced citizenship. You have to want it. You have to work at it. We, as a people, owe it to ourselves to make it as easy as possible to take part in the process, including voter registration. That’s why he is here. To reach more people, and to live as an example that voting is worth your time and attention.

When not working with Headcount, Kenny is a non-profit attorney who is breaking into local California politics. He enjoys spending time outdoors with his dog, Coco, running obstacle course races, and throws a wicked fireball as an 87 year old Wizard in his D&D group.