Keara Murray - HeadCount

Keara Murray joined HeadCount in July of 2018 as the Assistant to Executive Director, Andy Bernstein, but has been a part of the volunteer team since the beginning. She was working crew at the first ever HeadCount Benefit Concert in 2005 for Hurricane Katrina and has assisted HeadCount in registering voters at concerts throughout Pennsylvania. She believes that music opens people up to new ideas and the desire to create something better. She loves how HeadCount propagates this and offers a way for people to become their own advocates for change.

Keara is a lover of live music and how it brings people together. She’s been singing and playing her guitar since she was a little kid. Nothing makes her happier than working at a show, dancing at a show, performing a show, or watching others enjoy themselves at a show!  Since childhood she has seen hundreds of live concerts, and has worked quite a few of those on the road with The Disco Biscuits. From 2003 through 2006, Keara worked with the Biscuits doing everything from selling merchandise, stage work, and finally assistant tour managing. Numerous Camp Biscos, Jam Cruises, Jammys, Tours, and Festivals are on Keara's resume. In 2007, Keara & her husband Chief jumped off the road to start a family. After a decade hiatus, Keara is motivated and ready to get back to work, spreading positive change through music and production.

Jersey born, Penn State grad, Keara lives in Harrisburg with her husband and 3 kids. Needless to say, they have lots of jam sessions and dance parties.