John Flynn

John Flynn earned a degree in Arts Management with a minor in Music, Media, and Enterprise from Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. John grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, where he developed an early affinity for Jack White, Eminem, and Detroit techno at Movement Festival. After attending Electric Forest, Bonnaroo, and a number of other music festivals, John was turned onto a world of music he never even knew existed. John became obsessed with the ins and outs of large scale festival organization throughout his early teenage years and has since involved himself in the music industry by forming a local publicity firm in Columbus, promoting local shows, and writing about music through various online publications.

John’s largest feat in the music industry thus far has been being in the top one percent of Tame Impala listeners on Spotify - that’s quite a lot of streams; despite this, John was too nervous to talk to Kevin Parker in person when he spotted him at Coachella. John likes killing pictures with filters, eating great foods, and going on hikes while blaring Innerspeaker.