Jessica Lee Custard

Jessica Lee Custard was born and raised in a small town called Warren, Massachusetts, had the unique adventure of living in NYC for a few years, and joins us now from a beautiful farming area, just outside Cleveland, Ohio. She is obsessed with history, runs on black coffee, 2 sweet n’ lo, she thinks Hieronymus Bosch is the greatest painter of all time, she frequented the New England Punk scene of the ’90s, and she could probably “Bad Aunt Pun” the puns off anyone. Jessica is working on her B.A. is Sociology, with a concentration in Social Justice. Most of the work Ms. Custard has done in her life has been in the social sector, from counseling women in an Assisted Living residence to working in the office of an Alzheimer’s Facility.

Ms. Custard has always been very musical. She got her first guitar at age 10, taught herself how to play, then made up terrible songs to record on the RCA. She also played the baritone horn throughout high school in the marching band and wind ensemble. In terms of Jessica’s musical tastes, she is pretty sure that because of her eclectic taste in music, her Spotify thinks that she is 12 different people. Her 3 favorite bands are The Clash, Dave Matthews Band, and Glenn Miller Orchestra.

Jessica found HeadCount on Instagram during the major quarantines. Were it not for some major health issues and a world pandemic, she would have been out there, volunteering more, doing more for the community. Being at home all the time and not being able to do much was terrible, and when Jessica realized she could help HeadCount from her own PC, she got hooked!

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