Jade Hillary

Jade Hillary is a South Carolina native who has been frequenting music festivals and shows for over ten years. She has been an active member in the industry volunteering at festivals, working street teams, and even putting on local festivals in her area. As a Music Business graduate from Full Sail University, her hope is to learn about as many aspects as possible within the music industry, and pursuing a career as a music journalist is the ultimate goal!

Jade joined the HeadCount team in 2017, though she was first introduced to HeadCount at Bonnaroo in 2011. She shared their enthusiasm for combining the importance of politics and music to create a shared space for those interested in both. Through HeadCount, Jade strives to help strengthen our democracy and provide those around her with the knowledge they need. She believes that HeadCount is an incredible catalyst in creating connections between those wanting to share their ideas on politics and music. In her spare time, Jade travels throughout the country following some of her favorite artists. She also often can be found at music festivals all over, working positions such as venue captain, marketing, or volunteer coordinator. While the Southeast holds a special place in her heart, she believes firmly in all political and musical communities far and wide coming together as one!