Greg Keyser

Greg's parents were in the State Department, so he traveled back and forth between Beijing, China and Tokyo, Japan until he was 17.  Dropped off in beautiful suburban Burke, VA, he began plotting his escape immediately.  The plan fell through, however, as he found himself a willing participant in following the Grateful Dead across the country.  Luckily, he made it out, and now resides in Front Royal, VA nestled below the Shenandoah Mountains and Skyline Drive.  Band keeps following him though.
Remember Egon in Ghostbusters who collected spores, mold, and assorted fungus?  Greg is similar except he collects edible mushrooms, foraged plants, and civil discussions about the development and progression of our country.  He's always up for a game of Chess.
He began volunteering with HeadCount in the mid 2000's.  A firm believer in the core ideas of our democracy, he enjoys being able to live peacefully and in the power of the vote.  It is not something to be taken for granted.  He truly loves going home to bed after registering people to vote, and helping people see how easy it is to play a part in our country.
He loves his four sweet, angel, wonderful children because they always clean their room, wash the dishes and fold the clothes just like all kids.