Evan Rose

Evan Rose arrived at HeadCount in August of 2013 and like a naive melody, he knew that it must've been the place. He was first handed the keys to democracy at the All Good Music Festival when a wonderful team of volunteers registered him to vote quicker than you can say "Gotta Jiboo". At All Good, he worked as a HeadCount volunteer with the same great folks that registered him just one year prior. A firm believer that people who attend concerts and festivals have much to be said, and should be heard by those calling the shots, Evan was honored to be welcomed aboard S.S. Democracy.

Evan is a New York native who attended SUNY Fredonia, graduated Westchester Community College with a communications degree, and he's currently enrolled at Brooklyn College in pursuit of a second communications degree. He believes that music is power, and there's power in numbers and getting the numbers of fans who go see live music to be more involved in deciding America's actions is a dream come true for him.