Ethan Thorpe - HeadCount

Ethan is a native New Orleanian.  A political science graduate, he was naturally upset with the political apathy of his peers and way too broke to attend any shows when he had his first experience in volunteering for HeadCount at Moe. Down. It was love-at-first-volunteer. For his whole life, Ethan had figured that his love of music and his love of political activism would have to lead separate-but-equal existences and was ecstatic to find an organization like HeadCount that would tie them together.

You can usually find Ethan geeking- out over every headline on Google News, arguing politics with his roommates or random people on the subway, or getting down at shows. If you see him at a show and it looks like he's going through an epileptic seizure - don't worry, that's him "getting down."