Emma Sanchez

Emma is from Miami, FL, and a senior studying Political Science and Women's Studies at the University of Florida. Through her positions in Planned Parenthood Generation Action at UF, she has learned the value of having an intersectional approach to advocacy and grassroots organizing with petition collecting for a ballot initiative. This experience has given her the ability to encourage voter engagement by providing information on and advocating for important social issues. She got involved in HeadCount through volunteering last year because it was the perfect mix of music and politics, two passions of hers. Emma thinks that music is a great tool for finding common ground with others and is a way to connect with individuals without the polarization of partisanship. This summer, she will be interning with the Voter Engagement team and is excited to encourage everyone, particularly the younger generations, to become more politically involved. Emma loves discovering new music from her Daylist on Spotify and her favorite artists are Harry Styles, Renee Rapp, Paramore, Karol G, Hozier, and Chappell Roan. In her free time, Emma loves to crochet, explore new cafes, walk her dog Maggie, and go to concerts.