Emily Himes

Emily Himes is a Virginia native who joined HeadCount in 2018 as a volunteer in hopes of inspiring fellow music fans and friends to politically engage. Since, Emily has taken on multiple leadership positions within HeadCount as both a Team Leader and previously as a Field Organizer for Hampton Roads, VA. Residing in Richmond, VA she is a Virginia Commonwealth University Business School alumni and activist involved in several different student campaigns and social movements. Emily believes that through the marriage of music and democracy we can empower young adults to fight for a more compassionate future.
With an affection for electronic music Emily is heavily involved in local EDM promotional groups and continues to be involved within Bassnectar gatherings. She is a strong advocate for DanceSafe as well as Bassnectars Be Interactive with aspirations towards popularizing civil engagement within the electronic music scene. When she isn't traveling with HeadCount you can find her avidly practicing yoga or playing around with lasers.