Emily Gibbs - HeadCount

Emily Gibbs is the Managing Director of HeadCount. From Mystic, CT, she received her M.A. in Environmental Policy Design at Lehigh University with a focus on food systems and urban planning. While in the Lehigh Valley she managed multiple gardens and worked with local politicians and the Boys and Girls Club. During these years Emily fell in love with community organizing and making an impact.

Before joining HeadCount, Emily led digital advocacy at Phone2Action, where she spearheaded partnerships with companies like Patagonia and Ben & Jerry’s, leveraging brands to maximize social change. She also worked for WeWork in building and events management. Emily fell in love with HeadCount at March For Our Lives in DC where she met staff members and volunteers and knew this was a special organization, a family of folks from all different walks of life ready to make a difference.

Emily’s favorite music ranges from Guster to Billie Eilish to the Raconteurs. Beyond music, she loves drinking raw milk (try it sometime, if it’s fresh, it’s safe!), just about every aquatic activity, and laughing at her own jokes.