Elliot Hoffman

“Excuse me while I kiss the sky eat this pie” were the revised lyrics Elliot sang in 5th grade while
covering Jimi Hendrix with his band for a school fundraiser. At an early age, he understood the
power of music to connect with people for the greater good. And after two years of volunteering
with HeadCount beginning in summer 2020 in Philadelphia, he is now a team leader based in
Brooklyn, NY. Elliot also serves full-time as a program manager for a behavioral science and
public policy research consultancy, and is passionate about policy areas from food justice and
the environment to transportation equity, health, and of course, civic engagement. While his
taste is ever changing, his favorite musical artists include Flume, GriZ, Kaytranada, FKJ and
any combination of jazzy electronic and/or hip-hop. Catch me on my bike, in the park, running
between my garden and kitchen, or at a concert!

[email protected]