Devin Burke

Originally from just outside Chicago in Oak Park, IL, Devin graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and because he apparently couldn't get enough cold weather, kept moving north to Minnesota. Before joining HeadCount, he spent two years as Midwest Regional Coordinator for Calling All Crows, another music-related organization focusing on hands-on volunteering and activism. He first encountered HeadCount while doing outreach for CAC at Bonnaroo and Dispatch shows, and thought both the idea and the people were pretty cool.

Devin’s a big fan of volunteerism, having spent 2009-10 as a Corps Member in AmeriCorps*NCCC out of Sacramento, and 2012-13 with Habitat for Humanity through AmeriCorps Minnesota. In his free time, he likes to have bonfires, go on adventures, and play any number of instruments…badly. He’s also an advocate for jumping in lakes in the summer and eating mac and cheese.